2017 Fall/Winter Roundup

Some links to writing I published in 2017. The essay in The Rumpus and the piece in Conjunctions meant the most. Both felt risky to send out into the world.


The Rumpus (mine is the second essay, but read them all): “Women at Work (Letter to Myself at Twenty-Six)” —on my experience of sexual harassment in my MFA program. This account is partial—and I plan to write more. Watch out.

Prose (hybrid):

Conjunctions 69: Being Bodies“Skeleton, Rock, Shell” —On trauma narratives & girls.


Aster(ix)“The Girl with Two Brothers” —More about the lives of girls & women.

Redux: “Dicot, Monocot”   Followed by a short essay—“The Story Behind the Story.”

Essays I recommend by Other People:

Assay: “A Conversation on Leaving the University: Getting to the Shore with One Old
Old Paddle and One New One I Haven’t Found Yet” (Gail Hosking)

New York Magazine: “The Moment Isn’t Really (Just) About Sex. It’s Really About Work.”


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